The computer cleaning professionals with a 100% ecologically-friendly process


For almost 25 years, IPC has been one of the niche market leaders in the ecologically-friendly cleaning of IT equipment and server room maintenance in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Just over 60% of IT hardware breakdowns are said to be caused by overheating due to dust caused by a lack of maintenance. IPC helps you to remedy this kind of problem!

Nettoyage Informatique Bruxelles

Our fields of activity


IT and server room cleaning


Disinfection of equipment

Multiple meticulous services

IPC offers you:

Internal and external cleaning of all IT equipment, as well as disinfection, using a process that does not use solvents or irritants.

Cleaning and maintenance of server rooms.

Cleaning of industrial-scale production units.

The diffusion of a disinfectant mist in the premises and on the IT equipment contained within premises; a particularly appropriate measure in this period of COVID-19.

Our technicians are trained in the precise techniques of removing dust everywhere, even when it requires the dismantling of keyboard keys or the identification of a printer jam due to dust accumulation.

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A process at the cutting edge of technology

In order to carry out efficient decontamination and cleaning while respecting the environment, as well as the location of the computer equipment concerned, we use a process that is unique in Europe and based on nanotechnology. This innovative process provides convincing results while avoiding the use of any solvent product that is irritating to health and harmful to the planet. We, therefore, guarantee 100% ecologically-friendly cleaning that eliminates up to 97% of bacteria.

IPC was awarded the "Eco-dynamic company" label by the IBGE for the first time in 2003.


A versatile company at the service of many customers

IPC boasts a combination of flexibility and logistics, two strengths that have enabled us to develop on multiple sites linked to numerous business sectors:

Banking and insurance

The Ministry of Justice and European Institutions

Garages and production plants

Information centres

The catering industry

Public and social services


Other sectors

Our location, close to the major administrative centres of Brussels and Luxembourg, has given us access to a large number of companies and institutions in these two countries, as well as abroad. We, therefore, benefit from widely-recognized experience, based on our professionalism, and trusted by the following referees:

The European Commission

The European Parliament

The Ministry of Justice

De Lijn





Tihange Nuclear Power Plant

Many other partners


Some general cleaning companies also call on us to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of their clients' computer equipment and server rooms. We, therefore, work mainly with professionals. However, as a private individual, you may also be interested in our misting (disinfection) service.


Human values

Since we began, we have been serving our customers with dynamism and enthusiasm. Our driving force is always their complete satisfaction, and this means we are truly attentive to their needs. We want IPC's services to be a real benefit for you, and our positive team spirit drives us to achieve this.

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