IPC, Ecologically-friendly cleaning of IT equipment and maintenance of server rooms

IT equipment and server room cleaning

Thanks to Microfibre, which uses the latest nanotechnology techniques, IPC uses practically no detergents or alcohol, thus enabling sensitive individuals to avoid allergic reactions and other inconveniences, as well as being more environmentally friendly. We, therefore, clean according to the Raypath® method, without using any products.

We also use specialist equipment, such as professional multi-filter battery-powered vacuum cleaners, which facilitate deep dust removal, or ultra-quiet compressors with air dryers (compact, dry and clean). Our ESD (electrostatic discharge) equipment and suits allow dust to be discharged with static electricity, thus avoiding short circuits.

Our staff are all fully trained, proactive and discreet. During cleaning, we guarantee the presence of a computer technician, who supervises operations and intervenes if necessary.

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Cleaning computer equipment

Well-maintained equipment is part of your company's DNA. In addition to it making good sense, there are various advantages to be gained from cleaning and maintaining your IT equipment and spaces:

Prevent dirt, overheating and breakdowns.

The environment is cleaned and many germs are eliminated.

You save energy and the life of your equipment is extended.

Working conditions and the image conveyed by your facilities are improved.

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Keyboard and mouse cleaning

Residue, particles and dust easily sink into and accumulate in a keyboard. Bacteria on the keyboard and on mice, which are constantly being handled, are infinite in number. We vacuum, de-scale and sanitise everything using our environmentally-friendly method.

We eliminate particles and dust by means of air propulsion using a compressor equipped with an air dryer.

Removal by suction, using a silent ESD vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning and disinfection using our high-performance, environmentally-friendly nanotechnology microfibre.

Thorough brushing of all accessible parts.

Removal and disposal of particles embedded in crevices, and removal of ink and glue stains.

Application of Apesin anti-virus spray.

Internal and external cleaning of computers

Dust can also clog the ventilation filter of your computer or laptop and cause overheating. Annual cleaning and dust removal is strongly recommended.

Switch off the workstation and disconnect all peripherals with great care and with the agreement of the user.

Clean the screens with antistatic products.

Open the computer covers with extreme care. Disconnect and shut down fans and other computer peripherals.

Remove dust by means of a flow-controlled air compressor with an air dryer.

Vacuum using a speed-controlled ESD vacuum cleaner.

Thorough brushing of the components with ESD brushes.

Close the covers.

Degrease, clean and sanitise the computer, using microfibre. Remove of traces of glue, ink, etc.

Treat with Apesin anti-virus spray.

Reconnect all peripherals, restart and test the computer.

Cleaning telephones and smartphones

Phones are also a breeding ground for bacteria. They give off warmth conducive to the proliferation of bacteria. Everyday dirt also tends to get stuck in many places. It is therefore advisable to disinfect them regularly.

Disinfect with silver microfibre-nano particles, paying particular attention to the keys.

Clean and disinfect with our 100% eco-labelled product.

Remove of ink and glue marks.

Treat with Apesin anti-virus spray.

Dry to a gloss finish.

Tone control.

Option to affix a label indicating the day the phone was cleaned.

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Internal and external cleaning of printers

Although used less regularly than a mobile phone or Smartphone, the printer, whatever its type, is a very useful instrument that can also experience problems due to a lack of maintenance. IPC takes care of solving them.

Switch off the printer in consultation with the user.

Remove dust and thoroughly clean of all parts of the bodywork, flaps and drawers.

Clean the bodywork with silver microfibre particles.

Clean and internally dust residual toner particles using an ESD vacuum cleaner.

Remove traces of ink and glue.

Treat with Apesin anti-virus spray.

Monitor the print quality by means of a restart test.

Maintenance of server rooms

By having your server room decontaminated, you guarantee a smoother flow for your computer operations and a healthier and safer work environment. In addition, you can:

Preserve the antistatic properties of the raised floor tiles or floor covering in place.

Reduce the risk of generating corrosive substances when certain harmful particles are effected by humidity.

Extend the life of the equipment by avoiding clogging and overheating.

Reduce the duration and frequency of service stoppages.

Reduce the need for curative maintenance (including the replacement of filters on air conditioners, etc.).

Include an inspection and update of the room's documentation.


We always work in accordance with industry standards. We will provide you with a quantitative measurement of the level of particles so you can compare the air quality in your room with existing standards. We will then advise you on how to properly maintain your room and on any additional steps you may need to take.

Our 100% environmentally-friendly products are specific to server room maintenance:

Vacuuming and wet dusting of ducts with special attention paid to cables.

Damp dusting racks and their equipment, cabinets, frames, edges, sockets, lights, fan grilles, etc.

Removal of adhesives, stains, etc., by manual or mechanical brushing.

Unlocking the server and sliding it forward carefully so that no cables are disconnected.

Removing hard disks, power supplies, fans, internal protective covers, etc.

Hot or cold working conditions.

Mass vacuuming using an ESD vacuum cleaner and blowing ionising air over the entire server.

Air cleaning the boards and power supply units, sockets and cables.

Re-assembly of hard disks, fans, covers, casings and front panels.

Buffing of the floor and application of a protective layer, if necessary, with antistatic.

Decontamination of the server room after construction and removal of waste and bulky items.

Dismantling suspended a ceiling tile by tile and decontaminating it. Deep vacuuming with special attention paid to cables.

Decontamination of the server room after construction and removal of waste and bulky items.

At IPC, we offer a single contact for all your needs and the return of a detailed inventory after completion. If you are looking for an experienced professional, company, that is concerned about the environment and the safety of its customers, you have come to the right place!

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