Misting your premises, for gentle decontamination


Informatic Poly Cleaning also offers you an innovative and high-performance service, which is particularly useful since the appearance of COVID-19: Decontamination of your premises using the misting technique.

What does this consist of?

During this operation, we mechanically diffuse a sort of homogeneous "dry fog" into your premises. The spraying of this mist, composed of fine particles (7.5 microns), eliminates 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria present on all everyday objects. The disinfectant solution, a product approved by the Belgian Ministry of Health, reaches all surfaces, even the most difficult to access.

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Désinfection Matériel Bureau Belgique

Disinfection in complete safety

This wide diffusion spreads without any trace of humidity onto surfaces and penetrates every nook and cranny, making it an ideal solution for decontaminating areas that are regularly frequented or filled with fragile equipment that is in routine use, indeed, the product is non-corrosive to computer equipment. It remains active for several days after application but leaves no toxic residue. You can, therefore, go about your business with complete peace of mind.

A practical solution in the event of a pandemic like COVID-19

IPC undertakes to carry out this decontamination of any infectious agent as soon as possible. Indeed, this can sometimes be an emergency situation depending on the location concerned. We can treat a large area in record time. We have over 20 years of experience in cleaning and disinfecting computer equipment that you can rely on!

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