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Below, find further details about the various services that our company can provide.

For each, we demonstrate proven specialized know-how. Of course, our teams use equipment adapted to all cleaning operations, however delicate they may be.

100% ecologically-friendly cleaning of workstations

As the manufacturers themselves say, regular cleaning of your computer can considerably extend its life. This is because cleaning removes dust and other particles that can damage your computer as they accumulate. The extra maintenance costs incurred will be largely recovered through the improvement of the system's efficiency. Also, for companies in Luxembourg, this is tax-deductible.


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Server room maintenance

Preventive maintenance eliminates 60% of breakdowns.

An unmaintained server room is a potentially dangerous environment and creates the risk of decreasing efficiency or losing the availability of your IT operations. Dust that accumulates in the equipment can lead to overheating. Fans are put under greater strain and the breakdown rate increases.

Dust removal from server and switch racks using ionisation

Dust removal using ionization consists of neutralizing the static charges so that the dust and particles can be safely removed from the equipment in operation. We can therefore operate in both hot and cold conditions.


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Health, safety, comfort and savings

A working atmosphere is improved when workers feel that they are in a clean and safe environment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bacteria present on computer equipment, since we use it regularly and touch it very often. However, the general appearance of the computer equipment that a company uses for its work also affects its image. Thanks to our many services, IPC brings real added value to your business or organization.


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